Bail Enforcement Badges
Bail Enforcement Badges

Bail Enforcement Badges


Did you know four million USA citizens carry concealed gun permits?

Did you know thousands of citizens and illegal citizens carry guns illegally?

Over 1,076,897 police officers carry handguns!


An absolute must for anyone in the bail enforcement fugitive recovery business!


Bail Enforcement Agent: Legitimate Law Enforcement OR Dangerous Anachronism?

Most citizens do not realize bail enforcement agents still exist in modern society and that these agents have few limitations placed on them by state laws. Concerns have been raised about the failure of many states to regulate the actions of bail enforcement agents. In general, bail enforcement agents are not subject to civil liability for the injuries they may cause in recapturing a person who has been released on bond and fled. Critics contend that the legal privileges granted to bail enforcement agents in the nineteenth century make no sense today, and that it might be prudent to outlaw bail enforcement agents. Defenders reply that bail enforcement agents serve an important role in the criminal justice system and should not be forced to follow regulations that will prevent them from carrying out their responsibilities.

Bail Enforcement & Fugitive Recovery Badges